You Can Lose Weight By Simply Walking

At this point, many of us already know the importance of starting to take better care of our health, our eating habits and our lifestyle when it comes to physical activity. However, sometimes we receive so much information, so varied and even complex that we do not know where to start.

However, simple changes in our lives can have a major impact on our physical condition. Starting with simple gestures like walking can help us lose weight and improve our health.

Walking to lose weight

For some people, it may seem almost impossible for walking to help reduce our body weight. However, depending on the person’s case, it can be even more effective than running, for example.

Much more than the steps we take

You’ve probably heard that you have to take 10,000 steps a day – maybe more – to lose weight. However, this is a standardized figure that doesn’t always apply to everyone, so it’s important that we adapt the necessary steps to ourselves.

To calculate how many steps we need to start getting fit and lose some weight we need to take into account a few things: to begin with, anyone who wants to lose weight has to generate a calorie deficit.

In other words, they have to spend more energy than they consume. Therefore, if we want to lose weight walking, in addition to the steps we take, we must take into account our diet and the amount of calories we eat. If we eat too many calories we will have to walk a lot – probably more than we can afford – to compensate for them.

In addition, we must take into account the rest of our daily physical activity. If we spend an hour walking and all the other hours of the day sitting or lying down, it’s very difficult to notice it in our bodies. Ideally, we consume fewer calories and increase our level of physical activity.

How do I know how many steps would be recommended for me?

To begin with, we must take into account that any physical activity that we do, including climbing stairs, walking to errands or housework, burn calories and with a diet that promotes calorie deficit, help to lose weight.

Walking is no different. The number of steps that will begin to influence us will depend on our diet, but also on the physical activity to which we are accustomed. If we have been traditionally sedentary and start moving now, 10,000 steps may be too many and we may notice effects on our weight with fewer steps.

However, if we are especially active people, probably 10,000 steps will be few and will not have as much impact. In order to know our needs, it is interesting that we first know what level of physical activity we are at. In order to do this, we can control the average step we take each week.

If they are less than 5,000 we are sedentary people, between 5,000 and 7,499 little active people, between 7,499 and 10,000 something active and from 10,000 active people. Knowing this and taking into account how many calories we eat per day, how much we weigh and the time periods in which we want to lose weight, we can make an approximate calculation of the steps we should take.

For example, 10,000 steps are about 30 minutes of intense exercise. By taking 10,000 steps a day we can burn between 2,000-3,000 more calories than usual per week. Therefore, depending on our capabilities and needs we can adapt the number of steps to what we want to achieve and modify our objectives.