Train At Home For A Fit Body

Interestingly, the season of the year in which we have more free time is in summer, and it is at the same time the time of the year in which we train less.

So that neither the time, nor the material, nor having to go to the gym are an excuse, we propose this routine without material to train your whole body at home. To carry it out, you will only need a chair.

The exercises of the routine

1. Declined deflections

Performing flexions with your feet resting on the chair and declining will allow you to increase the involvement of the clavicular beam of the pectoral, and also that of the anterior deltoid.

To carry them out correctly, prevent the hip from sinking by making a retroversion of the pelvis and contracting both the buttock and abdomen slightly.

2. Inclined flexions

As a “finisher” for the chest, you can perform inclined flexions on the arms of the chair, since the execution of this exercise is much simpler than the previous one.

3. Triceps workout

This time we will continue to grab the arms of the chair to execute the exercise, but we will work with our backs to the chair.

The exercise will consist of carrying out a bottom trying that the elbows point backwards and with the shoulder in external rotation. Again, we will have to make sure that the pelvis does not sink.

4. Shoulder Press

To do the shoulder press you can put your feet on the seat of the chair pointing outwards, and while you keep your hip in flexion and put your hands on the floor, you must go up and down just as you would in a military press.

This exercise can also be used to practice the “handstand” or pine, since it has a great transference and the work on the anterior deltoid is also very pronounced.

The structure of the routine

With these exercises you could structure different types of routine, and although it wouldn’t be as effective as the ones you can do in the gym, in my opinion you could work it in three different ways to avoid losing physical shape; giving priority to the torso, giving priority to the legs or simply doing a full-body job as a reminder (combining the next two routines).

We leave the breaks to your choice; if you complete all the training volume, it will be enough.