Fitness & Weight Loss Tips For A Summer Body

Summer is just around the corner and so are the outfits that don’t feel sorry for our problem zones.

According to a small survey on Instagram, 92% of the participants voted that they would like to work on their bodies for the summer. But what’s the best way to do that?

My most important tips for losing weight

I’ve already lost weight with various methods. Sometimes with low carb, then only with calorie deficit and sometimes with interval fasting. And every time with a lot of exercise. In the last 5 years again and again a few kilos, then I held the weight and afterwards lost some weight again. I was able to avoid the JoJo effect through continuous exercise and a balanced diet.

My most important tips for losing weight with the different possibilities I would like to present to you here. Because for everyone something else fits better and in the end everything comes down to that:


1. calorie deficit
Actually, it should be quite simple: If we eat fewer calories than we consume, we lose weight. If we consume excess energy, it will land on our hips in the long run.

In practice, this means that if we want to lose weight, we either have to use additional energy through exercise or reduce our calorie intake.

Of course, this is not a new insight, but I can lose weight this way. Once you know how many calories the food has, you can count roughly and avoid calorie traps. Personally, I don’t track (any more) exactly, but only estimate.

But that really helps me to avoid “calorie sins”. Knowing how many calories foods have, I choose the apple instead of the chocolate bar as a snack and leave out the dessert in the evening.

2. interval fasting
Intermittent fasting, or interval fasting, I have already done 2, 3 times and am convinced of the model. In principle one leaves the body here simply a long break, in which body-own fat can be diminished. And by the partial chamfering one saves usually also in addition still calories.

How interval fasting works exactly and why I find it so good, you can read in my article: Fasting for beginners – losing fat with interval fasting. And you can read more about my experience here: Experience and tips: Interval fasting.

3. regular, effective (strength) training
It’s no secret: exercise shapes the body and helps you lose weight. However, this thinking can also set us a small trap. Because calories end up in the mouth much faster than they are burned. For a bar of chocolate, for example, you have to jog for about an hour, do weight training, swim or something similar. If you then reward yourself with a good meal or snacks after exercise, your good conscience will quickly make you eat more than you burned during exercise.

Therefore you should pay attention to two things: Train effectively, for example by taking part in challenging courses and pushing your limits. And above all, don’t be afraid of strength training. This is because you not only burn calories during training, but also benefit from the so-called “afterburning effect” after training. This means that the body needs more energy to regenerate the muscles, even during rest periods.

In addition, strength training still shapes the body best. Whether a flat, muscular stomach, beautiful arms, taut legs and a tight bottom – trained muscles tighten and shape the body. And women don’t have to be afraid that they will become a male muscle package. This can only be achieved through extreme strength training and extremely targeted nutrition + supplementation.

In addition I must pay more attention to take enough protein to myself, since I hardly eat meat. Because I am always asked what I eat and if I could share it with you.